Hey there, I’m Adam Kupka. I’m a cosplay photographer and digital artist working and living in Portland, OR.

Having worked as a photographer for the better part of the last decade, I’ve shot everything from weddings to fashion/beauty and commercial products. With my love of cosplay and costuming, I noticed a sizable gap in the types of photography services offered to most cosplayers.


While there are a number of wonderful cosplay photographers in the Pacific Northwest, each with their own unique style, I saw an opportunity to take this type of work to the next level. Using digital compositing skills, I could take Geralt of Rivia to Kaer Morhen, have Gambit come face to face with a terrifying Sentinel, or break the Joker out of Arkham. I can shoot nearly anywhere, and place you nearly anywhere else.

Whether you’re just starting out as a casual cosplayer, or a long-time vet with a mastery of foam, Worbla, and all that jazz, you deserve to have your character shown off in the best way possible. The time is right to shoot and create with KUPKAPHOTO.